Why EVO Viva?

EVO Viva can improve your vision and your active lifestyle, plus it seamlessly harmonizes with your natural lens—kind of like finding the perfect fit in a game of Tetris.

Why evo
Clear Vision

Clear Vision as You Expect It

With EVO Viva, you can wake up every day and effortlessly see all of life’s details in full focus. From reading and writing to cooking and working out, this is clear vision as you expect it—no extra effort required. After just a short time, you’ll start wondering how you ever relied on glasses and contact lenses for so long.

A Full-Range Visual Solution

From near to distance vision, EVO Viva is a versatile, flexible solution for rewinding your vision.
(for simulation purposes only)

Objects up close are in focus.

Objects an arm’s length away are in focus.

Objects far away are in focus.

More About Vision Range


Objects up close are in focus.



Objects an arm’s length away are in focus.



Objects far away are in focus.

Preserving Your Natural Lens

Unlike other vision correction procedures, EVO Viva does not remove corneal tissue or the natural lens of your eye.

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How Much Are Glasses and Contacts Costing You?

Glasses and contacts can cost you up to $10,000* over the next 10 years.¹

Glasses Contacts

EVO Viva can be a less expensive, one-time cost, so you save in the long run. Plus, financing options may be available. Speak with your doctor today to learn about your options.

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*EVO Viva costs vary depending on your prescription, location, and provider. Upon consultation with an EVO Viva doctor, they will provide you with actual costs, financing options, and payment plans.

Life clarity

Clarity With Collamer

EVO Viva is an Implantable Collamer Lens made with Collamer, a collagen co-polymer that contains a small amount of purified collagen. Here are just a few of the great things about Collamer:

  • It’s extremely biocompatible and stable
  • It seamlessly harmonizes with your natural eye
  • It creates soft and flexible lenses

Experts in Helping People See Life in Focus

Over One Million ICLs Implanted Worldwide

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1. Heiting, G, OD. “How Much Do Contact Lenses Cost?” All About Vision website. www.allaboutvision.com/contacts/faq/contact-cost.htm.