Achieve Visual Harmony With EVO Viva

EVO Viva can be an ideal solution to counter the effects of presbyopia—the gradual loss of the ability to see objects up close, and the same condition that requires you to buy reading glasses. You’ll love EVO Viva because it’s an Implantable Collamer Lens that works for multiple ranges of vision, it’s permanent yet removable, and it seamlessly harmonizes to your natural eye.

About EVO Viva

A Full-Range Vision Solution

From near to distance vision, EVO Viva is a versatile, flexible solution for rewinding your vision.


Objects up close, like your phone, are in focus.
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Objects a full arm's length away are in focus.
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Objects far away are in focus.
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See Your Life in True Harmony

EVO Viva is vision correction, evolved. This flexible lens is made of the highest quality of materials and is a great option for near, intermediate, and far distances—so you can get the benefits of glasses and contact lenses without the hassles. Seriously, life can look this good.

Why evo

Why EVO Viva?

EVO Viva is an advanced solution for vision correction at all ranges. And if you fall asleep while watching TV or reading a book, you won’t have to worry about waking up with dry eyes or bent glasses anymore. We can’t comment on the comfort of your couch or armchair, but you’ll at least be able to see like your true self again.

Freedom from

Freedom From Reading Glasses

No more sitting down to read a magazine and getting frustrated with your blurry vision. No more looking for reading glasses in every room of the house. EVO Viva is always there, so you consistently see life in remarkable detail—without thinking twice about it. Chat with your eye doctor today to find out if EVO Viva is right for you.

EVO Viva Procedure:
What to Expect

With EVO Viva, some patients have improved vision nearly immediately. The minimally invasive procedure will give you the confidence to say goodbye to your glasses or contacts and hello to visual freedom.

About the Procedure

Important Safety Information for EVO Viva ICL

Before considering EVO Viva ICL surgery you should have a complete eye examination and talk with your eye care professional about the EVO Viva ICL procedure, especially the potential benefits, risks, and complications. You should discuss the time needed for healing after surgery.

The EVO Viva ICL is designed for the correction/reduction of up to -20 diopters (D) of nearsightedness with or without presbyopia for patients who are 21 to 60 years of age; for the correction/reduction of up to +10 diopters (D) of farsightedness with or without presbyopia for patients who are 21 to 45 years of age; and for patients 21 years of age or older who have been treated with an intraocular lens. Implantation of the EVO Viva ICL is a surgical procedure, and as such, carries potentially serious risks.

The following represent potential complications/adverse events: additional surgeries, cataract formation, transient or persistent loss of best-corrected vision, raised pressure inside the eye, loss of cells on the innermost surface of the cornea, conjunctival irritation, corneal swelling, conjunctival irritation, endophthalmitis (total eye infection), significant glare and/or halos around lights, hyphema (blood in the eye), hypopyon (pus in the eye), eye infection, EVO Viva ICL dislocation, macular edema, non-reactive pupil, pupillary block glaucoma, severe inflammation of the eye, iritis, uveitis, vitreous loss, and corneal transplant.